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Condensation and Mildew Control

Are you sick of dampness, stale air, condensation or mildew?

All of the above contribute to the deterioration of buildings, causing unpleasant, uncomfortable and unhealthy living conditions but there is a solution.

Why is the air inside damp?

Stale, damp air is often caused by everyday activities. Humidity, steam, smoking, cooking and odours remaining in toilets and bathrooms, results in areas becoming dank and uninviting. The problem is often compounded in the wintertime. We tend to close the house up to keep the cold air out and conserve the heat we have paid to generate.

Why does condensation occur?

Condensation occurs because warm air can hold more moisture than cool air so when moist warm air comes in contact with a cooler surface, such as windows, ceilings or walls the water is released and forms droplets on that surface.

Why do something about moisture?

If left unattended dampness often leads to mould growth, peeling wallpaper, damage to painted surfaces and even more serious structural damage such as timber decay. Drapes, carpet, bedding and clothing are also adversely effected by damp environments. Dust mites do not drink water so they hydrate themselves by sucking moisture from the air. This means that if moisture is reduced then we can reduce the number of dust mites.

A simple cost effective solution...

The best, most cost effective way to reduce moisture in your home, is through adequate ventilation. Contaminated moist air must be forced out and replaced by dryer, fresh, outside air to achieve a healthy living environment. A ventilation systems unit draws drier, fresher air from the attic space, filters it through a high quality F5 filter, then gently distributes the air through attractive ceiling diffusers, set at strategic points. The end result is a home less prone to condensation and virtually free of air born contaminants.

The system can reduce your home heating requirements. While the attic air is warm airflow is increased, warming the house. When the attic air is cooler the airflow is reduced to effectively control condensation. This cooler dryer air requires less energy to heat than moist air.

In an average of less than four hours, a top quality ventilation system customised to your individual requirements, can be installed in your home.